Friday, July 24, 2009

E.Lynn Harris

I woke up with a text, " E. Lynn Harris Died this morning." from one of my dearest friend, author Frederick Smith. I was shocked felt my eyes water. Today we lost yet another black great legend. it saddens me to write this even now.

I admit I probably was a late bloomer to the E. Lynn Harris book club. I stared reading his books in the summer of 2004, I was an incoming Jr. at Granite Hills High School. I was introduced to Mr.Harris by a friend who was reading about him in (if I'm not mistaking) Ebony magazine. After that article in the magazine I was hooked. I went to my local library in search of something written by him. After trying to find the book on my own, because yeah you know, i didn't want people to know i was reading a 'gay' book, i was forced to ask one of the librarians so I asked the youngest looking one, the one who still wore high heels and a skirt that barely went past her knees, hoping she would understand, something. And luckily there was ONE book by him! Abide with Me.
My. First. E.Lynn Harris. Book. :-)

I went home locked myself in my room and read, read, read, my high desert self into another world, and I was hooked. After that book, I went back to the library, went back to the same Liberian and discovered she had order me another book by him Invisible Life, and another Just As I Am, and another If This World Were Mine *my favorite*, the last book I got from my home library was I Say a Little Prayer. it just so happens that I stared reading I say a Little Prayer, again last week. I do not know if I will finish it, anymore......

Today I salute you E. Lynn Harris and your wonderful works of art. I will not spend my day sad any longer because i once heard someone say "It was never my style to watch a sunset in sorrow" so I too will watch the sunset and know that tomorrow will come but I will always have the days of yesterland in my mind and in my heart.
Thank You Sir Harris, for helping people like me.

~Openly Chaz

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is a letter for Chris.

Well guys i fell like I should post this up. I wrote this piece back in February, right after the beating. And now that he's apologizing, i fell this will let people know where I stand.

This is a letter for Chris.
Date: Past & Future

First I must say I’m sorry. For when I received that text saying you hit her, I quickly deleted it, thinking or maybe even hoping that they were just rumors. First I must say I’m sorry, message after message I received, made me become more upset, thinking why would people be spreading this text around? Messing up your name,
Your image
Your family’s name, because you know this also reflects them too.
I must say sorry. I like many citizens of the world, tuned in to watch the awards of artistes getting praised for their music they create to move us people in ways we can’t express without smiling.
Then, I got that breaking news, on the screen, telling me of the shit I was receiving through text hours ago, was true. I must say I’m sorry. First I’m sorry that I, like many gave you the benefit of the doubt. Tricked by your look, your innocent, boyish, weak presents, I knew.
Yes, I knew you couldn't have done this.
Did you not know that hitting was never the way?
I like Pearl Cleage apologize to you, for thinking its ok.
I must say sorry that you witness your mother get abused when you were growing up.
Did you know how she felt?
Do you remember how you felt when you saw it?
The cycle continues, and it won’t stop when brothas like you, get acquitted from the system and society. I must say I’m sorry, especially to
I’m sorry to her, for us, not being there, to help and protect her, like a man would do. And I’m sorry because she is still confused. The more I learn about this situation the more it saddens me;
I’m an advocate for love.
But love does not hit, it does not beat, it does not hurt.
This only causes me to question, how really missed up as a human race we are, and how much togetherness we have to come,
So that little boys, and big boys,
And little girls, and big girls,
Can understand that what you did holds no excuse.


Chaz L.W. Ashley

~ Openly Chaz

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chazcity Dolls are back!!!!

Im chillin' listen to Miss B, while Mr.Ardon is in the kitchen doing is magic with his heels for an upcoming show! Anyways, i'm on a spritual high because my GURLSSS are back. Kaleila "Qui-Qui" and Ms.B (no not my cousin, Beyonce) but Ms.B, Brit-ta-nee... They have been my girls since Freshman year.

When I'm with them I feel like we should just take over the i know i can't explain it. Tonight we really didn't do much. Chilled at B's apartment, that sits in the heart of L.A, right off the 101, with a view that captures the best of Angels looking over the freeways into the hollywood lights and l.a's summer nights, living on the 6th floor has its advantages. After we relaxed for a bit we headed to Hollywood. Rolling in B's Camaro made me remember the time i had a Camaro, i remember when all three of us had a sports car. Both B and myself had Camaro's, mines Blue hers Red both stick shifts. ahhhh the dayz, how i miss those dayz, when we use to be wild and crazy! Nights when we would just go from pillow to post over the weekends and just partied with no rest! dancing our worries and studies away lol....wait, wait what am I saying not much has changed. lol Im just excited that i actually hung out with them tonight, we havent hung out in MONTHS!!!!!!!
We walked the strip, laughed, sung, joked, being us, and i loved every minute of it. I just find it so awesome that i call us Chazcity Dolls, they're the Dolls and im Chaz and we are in the City. :-) so put it together.. you :-)

ps....Check out the Chris Brown public apology ...all i can say is "!" Thanks B.Scott for that word, its exactly how i feel about that apology.. Bitchboobye!!!!!
Someone remind me to post my Letter To Chris Brown up tomorrow.

~ Openly Chaz

Saturday, July 4, 2009

She's back....:-)

Recently we lost a legend to the music world, king of pop M.J.. My prayers and love goes out to the Jacksons. We will remember his music and M.J will live on in our hearts......*tear*

NOW, what i've been waiting what seems like FOREVER, The Queen, superstar of all time, the DIVA OF ALL DIVAS, yes, bigger than my cousin Mizz B. Whitney Houston returns to the stage! Spetember 1st 2009 her album drops! ...more to come i have to go,, im running late, i was suppose to might my fambam at knotts right now.. ok this is an important blog so ill write later..

Openly Chaz

Friday, July 3, 2009

My hair...

I'm sitting here thinking of someone to braid my damn hair! My girl Dalia is back home in San Diego for the summer, and I really do not want to wear my hair straight, its hot, I have to go to a beach party, and a birthday dinner tonight at a club PLUS its so not me really, but people like it. I would rather have my hair in french braids, or 'corn rolls' as people around these parts of the woods like to call it. One would think that i would know how to braid my own damn hair by now, its been close to 3 years since i let it grow out, and i do try to get my hair braided every week and an half. i do not think fresh braids are a bad thing to constantly have, but apparently my friends do...I swear i hear the same, i mean the same damn comments every week about my hair.....

My hair is long, well long for a "black person" i guess. Whoever said black people can't have long hair is absolutely stupid.   When its pressed it hangs past my shoulders and almost touches my nipples :-). lol i like that world, nipples, reminds me of dipples, nipple, dripples, sipples , hahahahahhhahahah they make me laugh. Anywho, yes like i said when its pressed it hangs, and when i walk it moves alot. I always catch peoples attention, especially black women, who feel the need to touch it, at first it was like amazing to have people like want to touch my hair and compliment it, but after a while it gets annoying!!!!
A-NOY-ING! i do know how many times i have had someone, first compliment my hair then ask me if my hair is real, what im mixed with, or can i touch it then proceed to do so without my say!!!! that shit gets underneath my skin on many levels... i laugh thinking about it now.
Come'on do i have to be mixed to have long hair, curly hair, straight hair? i mean the last i checked black people are one the most diverse peoples,....right? i mean ... i think, unless they've changed,  and my family didn't get the memo.. my mother is sun touched brown with hazel green eyes and thick hair, my uncle is gold and vanilla frappy color with long wavy stringly hair, you know the kind that people say gets 'tangled' not 'nappy', and my aunt is a dark carmel with thick-wavy-curly-put-alittle-water-in-my-hair-and-im good to go hair. diverse right??? right!

so anyways yeah i guess im a little bitter right now, trying to find a braider, so i can go about my business and enjoy the day... you know what, forget it im slick this shit in a pony and WORK! 

~Openly Ch@z

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is the deal

The deal is, my publisher told me to write a blog everyday day for a month.. Can i do it? well considering i have two jobs, a husband, and a baby..i don't think i will be able to. But i have to try!! keep your fingers crossed for me :-)

~ Openly Chaz!