Thursday, September 24, 2009

After Tonight.

I'm supposed to be asleep, my first day of my 4th year at University is tomorrow, technically today, and i'm up. I was laying down and my brain just didn't seem to want to be at ease. So i decided to release it, hoping that this will be the key.
As the clock tick-tocs away for tomorrow (today) i'm becoming more nervous. I mean i don't really understand why, i could see if this was my last year or something. Let me bluntly express, ITS NOT! i have about another half of year to a whole year left after this year. I was bother by this discover at first. I went back home for a few days and most of my friends that went off to school are finishing up this year, sadly to say i'm not.

Well i shouldn't say 'sadly' because im not really sad, just jealous lol happily jealous of those who will be done with the school drama'rama... I knew going into school that itll take me at least 4 1/2 years to finish at minimum, because of the program im in, when i graduate i will have my BA and a teaching credential, so i that the flip side :0). ok enough bout that, what i want to say is that.
School goes by fast, hell Life goes by HELLA fast! I'm 20yrs old and going into my 4th year and i can still remember my first day of 7th grade, what i wore and how i felt about that one spectacular girl i met that first day and FELL IN LOVE! :-) ok back to now...nowadays chaz stay on topic!
yeah, life goes by fast, alittle too fast at times. Sometimes i wish i could go back a couple of years ago. just to spend more time with someone i lost.. The song that is keeping me up is 'After Tonight" by Justin Nozuka came out last summer. I feel in love with that song. I reminds me a feeling of assurance. its a great song.
This is a new feeling im feeling right now, a feeling of sorrow/longing for my friend i lost last summer, he would have been finishing up his last year in school.
This is a feeling of seriousness, like i have to buckle down and Ace this quarter.
This is a feeling of excitement, and nervousness.
But i know after tonight, ill be fine, and i wont have to look up to the stars.

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