Thursday, September 10, 2009

My wish list

My wish list. The wind blows and I'm catching the shine from the sun fall from the sky.
It feels good. It sounds beautiful,
the trees
catching the waves of the invisible air, which blows my mind to know that something is there,
even if not seen,
wind such a beautiful thing.
It feels right to make a wish, like a wish you only make when you see a shooting star.
Yet there is no shooting star, just me and the black car that's parked in the driveway of the house that known as home
Making wishes seems silly to me. But yet i do anyway.

I wish that these walls would burst, and release all the red paint that's filled in our hallways.
And all the heat that sits in our family room, keeping us trapped in our bedrooms with T.V's as our crutches.
I wish i had more to GIVE because i would give it all back if I had. Give it to them
not for me
because I have friends, friends that love me for me,
friends who know me for me, which purifies me.
home is not what it use to be to me. it use to be a place of refuge. A place where I would escape to.
now it's a place where old memories linger. Memories that taints our behaviors with anger. So this last wish is for understatement and peace
wishing all of me for us to see that simplicity is the key and the realization that love is the hardest to do especially when hate is routing for you, disguised as it often do. Surely wishing seems silly to do but that is until some of them come true.
Oh look a falling star in the sky...

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