Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chazcity Dolls are back!!!!

Im chillin' listen to Miss B, while Mr.Ardon is in the kitchen doing is magic with his heels for an upcoming show! Anyways, i'm on a spritual high because my GURLSSS are back. Kaleila "Qui-Qui" and Ms.B (no not my cousin, Beyonce) but Ms.B, Brit-ta-nee... They have been my girls since Freshman year.

When I'm with them I feel like we should just take over the world..lol i know i can't explain it. Tonight we really didn't do much. Chilled at B's apartment, that sits in the heart of L.A, right off the 101, with a view that captures the best of Angels looking over the freeways into the hollywood lights and l.a's summer nights, living on the 6th floor has its advantages. After we relaxed for a bit we headed to Hollywood. Rolling in B's Camaro made me remember the time i had a Camaro, i remember when all three of us had a sports car. Both B and myself had Camaro's, mines Blue hers Red both stick shifts. ahhhh the dayz, how i miss those dayz, when we use to be wild and crazy! Nights when we would just go from pillow to post over the weekends and just partied with no rest! dancing our worries and studies away lol....wait, wait what am I saying not much has changed. lol Im just excited that i actually hung out with them tonight, we havent hung out in MONTHS!!!!!!!
We walked the strip, laughed, sung, joked, being us, and i loved every minute of it. I just find it so awesome that i call us Chazcity Dolls, they're the Dolls and im Chaz and we are in the City. :-) so put it together.. you get..Chaz.city.dolls :-)

ps....Check out the Chris Brown public apology ...all i can say is "Bitch.boo.bye!" Thanks B.Scott for that word, its exactly how i feel about that apology.. Bitchboobye!!!!!
Someone remind me to post my Letter To Chris Brown up tomorrow.

~ Openly Chaz

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