Friday, July 3, 2009

My hair...

I'm sitting here thinking of someone to braid my damn hair! My girl Dalia is back home in San Diego for the summer, and I really do not want to wear my hair straight, its hot, I have to go to a beach party, and a birthday dinner tonight at a club PLUS its so not me really, but people like it. I would rather have my hair in french braids, or 'corn rolls' as people around these parts of the woods like to call it. One would think that i would know how to braid my own damn hair by now, its been close to 3 years since i let it grow out, and i do try to get my hair braided every week and an half. i do not think fresh braids are a bad thing to constantly have, but apparently my friends do...I swear i hear the same, i mean the same damn comments every week about my hair.....

My hair is long, well long for a "black person" i guess. Whoever said black people can't have long hair is absolutely stupid.   When its pressed it hangs past my shoulders and almost touches my nipples :-). lol i like that world, nipples, reminds me of dipples, nipple, dripples, sipples , hahahahahhhahahah they make me laugh. Anywho, yes like i said when its pressed it hangs, and when i walk it moves alot. I always catch peoples attention, especially black women, who feel the need to touch it, at first it was like amazing to have people like want to touch my hair and compliment it, but after a while it gets annoying!!!!
A-NOY-ING! i do know how many times i have had someone, first compliment my hair then ask me if my hair is real, what im mixed with, or can i touch it then proceed to do so without my say!!!! that shit gets underneath my skin on many levels... i laugh thinking about it now.
Come'on do i have to be mixed to have long hair, curly hair, straight hair? i mean the last i checked black people are one the most diverse peoples,....right? i mean ... i think, unless they've changed,  and my family didn't get the memo.. my mother is sun touched brown with hazel green eyes and thick hair, my uncle is gold and vanilla frappy color with long wavy stringly hair, you know the kind that people say gets 'tangled' not 'nappy', and my aunt is a dark carmel with thick-wavy-curly-put-alittle-water-in-my-hair-and-im good to go hair. diverse right??? right!

so anyways yeah i guess im a little bitter right now, trying to find a braider, so i can go about my business and enjoy the day... you know what, forget it im slick this shit in a pony and WORK! 

~Openly Ch@z

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