Friday, July 24, 2009

E.Lynn Harris

I woke up with a text, " E. Lynn Harris Died this morning." from one of my dearest friend, author Frederick Smith. I was shocked felt my eyes water. Today we lost yet another black great legend. it saddens me to write this even now.

I admit I probably was a late bloomer to the E. Lynn Harris book club. I stared reading his books in the summer of 2004, I was an incoming Jr. at Granite Hills High School. I was introduced to Mr.Harris by a friend who was reading about him in (if I'm not mistaking) Ebony magazine. After that article in the magazine I was hooked. I went to my local library in search of something written by him. After trying to find the book on my own, because yeah you know, i didn't want people to know i was reading a 'gay' book, i was forced to ask one of the librarians so I asked the youngest looking one, the one who still wore high heels and a skirt that barely went past her knees, hoping she would understand, something. And luckily there was ONE book by him! Abide with Me.
My. First. E.Lynn Harris. Book. :-)

I went home locked myself in my room and read, read, read, my high desert self into another world, and I was hooked. After that book, I went back to the library, went back to the same Liberian and discovered she had order me another book by him Invisible Life, and another Just As I Am, and another If This World Were Mine *my favorite*, the last book I got from my home library was I Say a Little Prayer. it just so happens that I stared reading I say a Little Prayer, again last week. I do not know if I will finish it, anymore......

Today I salute you E. Lynn Harris and your wonderful works of art. I will not spend my day sad any longer because i once heard someone say "It was never my style to watch a sunset in sorrow" so I too will watch the sunset and know that tomorrow will come but I will always have the days of yesterland in my mind and in my heart.
Thank You Sir Harris, for helping people like me.

~Openly Chaz

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