Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is a letter for Chris.

Well guys i fell like I should post this up. I wrote this piece back in February, right after the beating. And now that he's apologizing, i fell this will let people know where I stand.

This is a letter for Chris.
Date: Past & Future

First I must say I’m sorry. For when I received that text saying you hit her, I quickly deleted it, thinking or maybe even hoping that they were just rumors. First I must say I’m sorry, message after message I received, made me become more upset, thinking why would people be spreading this text around? Messing up your name,
Your image
Your family’s name, because you know this also reflects them too.
I must say sorry. I like many citizens of the world, tuned in to watch the awards of artistes getting praised for their music they create to move us people in ways we can’t express without smiling.
Then, I got that breaking news, on the screen, telling me of the shit I was receiving through text hours ago, was true. I must say I’m sorry. First I’m sorry that I, like many gave you the benefit of the doubt. Tricked by your look, your innocent, boyish, weak presents, I knew.
Yes, I knew you couldn't have done this.
Did you not know that hitting was never the way?
I like Pearl Cleage apologize to you, for thinking its ok.
I must say sorry that you witness your mother get abused when you were growing up.
Did you know how she felt?
Do you remember how you felt when you saw it?
The cycle continues, and it won’t stop when brothas like you, get acquitted from the system and society. I must say I’m sorry, especially to
I’m sorry to her, for us, not being there, to help and protect her, like a man would do. And I’m sorry because she is still confused. The more I learn about this situation the more it saddens me;
I’m an advocate for love.
But love does not hit, it does not beat, it does not hurt.
This only causes me to question, how really missed up as a human race we are, and how much togetherness we have to come,
So that little boys, and big boys,
And little girls, and big girls,
Can understand that what you did holds no excuse.


Chaz L.W. Ashley

~ Openly Chaz

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